My application for Connect Live! San Francisco 2018 – Google maps

Hello everyone. I wrote this post as part of my application for Connect Live! Of San Francisco for this 2018 from Google.

In this opportunity, I want to tell you about how important it is for me to be a Google Guide. This tool of google maps, has allowed me to comment and make reviews about every site and interesting place that I have visited, giving me the opportunity to leave my comments, so other users can find out about my opinions and like this I encourage them to visit these places, having a clear reference of each of them.

Doing this work in Venezuela is not easy, because of the insecurity issue. You have to be aware of where you can do it and where you can´t. You should not take your cell phone down the street and it is a dilemma to decide to do it when you feel the need to take a photo and review that good, beautiful or interesting place that you have just discovered.

However, I do it with pleasure because it is my way of doing my bit so that all members of this community can know about the different interesting places that exist and is accessible all of us; of this city as of all the others that I have been able to know. Especially in these difficult and complicated times we are going through in Venezuela.

Today many Venezuelans are scattered around the world doing what they can to grow, to train and to improve their quality of life, but others have decided to stay and see how we can support this country. Because Venezuela will not always be the same, and with the participation of each Venezuelan, even those who are abroad, we will promote that change. Giving Venezuela the opportunity to grow and become a big country again. I do it this way, highlighting all the good and positive things we have in our cities.